Sudden Collapse of Berkeley Balcony Killed Six and Injured Seven

Headlines say: Dry Rot Murders: Berkeley Balcony Collapse Destroys 6 Lives, Injures More.

Balcony snaps off fifth floor of a Berkeley apartment building during a birthday party

The balcony of a residence in the Library Gardens apartment complex in Berkeley, California fell, killing six young people. Five of them were Irish twenty-one year olds who came to Berkeley for the summer on J-1 visas, only to find their death in a senseless balcony collapse. Their families came to the U.S. and flew the bodies of their children back home to Ireland. It’s a terrible situation. Sometimes I can help in situations like this. I’ve known some lawyers for quite a long time.

Wrongful Death Consultants was founded before 2006 which is when my work with aviation cases escalated after a collision between a business plane and a low cost Brazilian GOL Airlines jet over Brazil. But not all the work I do is with aviation. I’ve been providing support to the families of wrongful death victims for well over forty years. I’m located in California but my work takes me all over the world.

Families have lots of questions.
Was the eight year old building badly built? Was the contractor shoddy? Were the supports made of substandard material or badly maintained? Was the wood poorly sealed? These are all questions that the investigation will answer.

If I were working with the families, I’d let them know that already a subcontractor has come into scrutiny as having a history of going to court over this same issue of failed water-proofing. And the names are a matter of public record. The “Library Gardens” main contractor was Segue Construction; they had hired a waterproofing subcontractor R. Bros. Inc. of San Jose. That subcontractor was sued in the past for mold and dry rot found in a 109 unit condo in Millbrae. Millbrae homeowners found mold growing inside their brand new walls, due to failed water-proofing. They also found their balconies were dry-rotting. They settled out of court for 3.5 million–and no one died. In fact, Segue has paid $26 million in settlements for various mold-dry rot related cases.

I am a proponent of maximum compensation for families who have suffered the tragedy of wrongful deaths. I am not an attorney, but I will be doing whatever I can to see that these families find justice.

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